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South African citizens who live abroad are encouraged to register to vote abroad in future elections.   The completed form must be handed in at the South African Embassy in return for a proof of application form which will be issued by the Embassy.

To be eligible to register abroad, a person must:

a) Be a South African citizen;

b) Be 16 years of age or older (applicants can register from the age of 16 but only vote from age 18);

c) Possess a valid green bar-coded identity document, a valid Temporary Identity Certificate(valid for 2 months) or Smart Card;

d) Possess a valid South African passport and

e) Submit in person the application form, the identity document and a valid passport to the CSM or LRP who assisted during the 2014 registration process.  However, the CSM must sign, date and place ID number on the REC1/OC form.

[ Download the application form ]

Please note: Only a green bar-coded ID, a valid Temporary Identification Certificate or a Smart Card AND a valid passport are accepted for registration purposes. No other document must be accepted.


Since the next election is nearly 5 years off, please make use of the opportunity to apply timely for and ID card and/or Passport to ensure eligibility to register.

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